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On that story a while back about composting operations and Indian burial grounds:

The compost people have decided to close down by summer, apparently/ostensibly because they're running out of money to deal with the regulatory issues that arose when they were reclassified from an agricultural operation to a commercial/industrial one (which means they have to do a huge bunch of legwork about water leaching out of the site, and essentially converts them from presumed OK to presumed not OK). There's some additional backstory here in that there's a bill in  the legislature that would exempt composting operations from the more onerous parts of the regs, but everybody agrees that it won't apply to these people because they already started applying for the stricter permits. So the announcement of the closure might be intended to pressure the legislature to change that part of the bill, or it might be part of a plan to close down and reopen under new management that could then apply for the exemption. Or it might be the nonprofit that runs this operation saying, "We just busted our butts to get legal, and now you're giving all our competitors in the state a free ride on the same issues, so screw this."

But in any case now we can do the Kolchak scenario at an abandoned compost mountain that's also a native american burial ground. The possibilities for over-the-top metaphors just went through the roof.

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