flarenut (flarenut) wrote,

Our climate is so screwed

Here it is, the day that would normally be the first of march. It's bright and clear, and the thermometer was reading -11 at 9 in the morning.
A few days ago, the temperature was in the 30s. A few days from now after we get another foot or so of snow, it's forecast to be in the 40s. It just ain't right.

I think in the next few years -- even more than we already have -- we're going to see how much disruption can be caused by weather being unpredictable. It doesn't really matter how much the averages change, but when the extremes change, or you can't depend on the weather to do its thing at the times of year when it usually does, that's when you get clobbered. It doesn't matter if it's been a warmish winter on average if the snow isn't out from under the trees until some time in june...

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