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Bloody Luddite

The red cross has gotten too technologically sophisticated for me. First it was the networked laser printers instead of filling out forms by hand, then it was the flowmeters measuring each unit of blood and beeping ferociously, instead of the elegantly simple counterweights that tipped over to let you know your pint was done. And now the little vials of blue liquid for checking anemia by means of blood density are gone, replaced by cranky boxes with LCDs that read out a number directly. The old way was too subjective, the phlebotomist said.

Maybe I'm getting too old for this; some things, poking big needles in peoples' blood vessels and siphoning out blood among them, just need to be analog to make me comfortable. (OK, comfortable would be not having the phebotomist call over one of the roving slavs -- our local blood drive seems just full of mildly crazy eastern european/russian immigrant guys with mad sticking skills -- first to find the vein and then to "adjust" the needle so that anything would actually flow.)

What am I saying? I haven't been really happy with donating since they stopped doing the hemoglobin stick in people's ears. I always wanted to do a murder mystery where the victim was identified by an accumulation of scar tissue from blood donations...
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