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Extreme Unction

J came back from the Big City, and she brought presents. It probably says a lot about us to list what they were: Bagels from H&H, lox from Sable's, lobster salad ditto, liverwurst from Schaller&Weber. This afternoon she and C went to the food co-op to get some fresh cream cheese, some local cultured butter, and some salad greens. It was just delightful.

There's something particularly delicious about being able to spread lox two or three layers deep on the bagel, so that it's not just about the taste and texture of a single piece, but the luxurious feel of biting into an almost-solid, melting -- I guess I'd better stop right about there...

Bonus: C declared "I really like liverwurst" and ate two slathered portions of mini-bagel while I regaled him with stories of walking down to the village butcher shop to buy precious slabs when I was only twice his age (I left off the part about knowing it was the last day to eat the wurst when you found flies' eggs under the parchment-paper wrapper). He also liked the lox and the lobster, but not enough to finish them. Now if I can only get him to stop liking buttered popcorn with mustard...
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