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In which I whine unremittingly

So J went to the Big City for a couple days to visit a friend (whose parents are snowbirds and were leaving a nice empty apartment at 91st and York). C has been OK about this until last night, when he got overtired and completely lost his sh*t wanting his mama (and wanting to have a bubble bath and wanting to have brushed his teeth all by himself). So this morning I assured him that his mama would be home tonight.

As some of you know, the Big City is slushed up solid in the grip of "wintry mix" and J's flight home is most thoroughly cancelled.
And United's idea of an appropriate rebooking was to send her to Dulles about 530 tomorrow night so that she could make a connection to Burlington arriving about midnight. It's still up in the air, so to speak, when she'll be home and by what mode of transportation, although pretty much everything she is looking at will be earlier than that. Not that I don't love the boy, but I'm glad he's at daycare.

Oh, and did I mention that last weekend I popped something in my wrist, and am trying to figure out whether it's more uncomfortable with or without the brace. (but at least I learned a new word: "triquetrum")

And where is my plate of peeled grapes?
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