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Rainy day

But at least I got a little something done besides the musings for my next article (in which I realized that hardware isn't really hard, rather the software we have for dealing with the physical world sucks). Brought the last of the book boxes up from the basement and unloaded them on shelves in the playroom/library. Brought a chisel in from the shop and nicked the shelves that needed little recesses to fit around the shelf supports. Now All we have in the basement are the books on the shelves that used to line the closet, the ones on the top couple rows of the shelves that used to be in the living room, and the ones on the bottom couple rows of the utility shelves. When I build the display shelf and the file drawrers in my office things will be just peachy.

I was really rather taken aback at all the books and how well I knew them. Also on my list is finally entering all the books into some kind of library software, preferably one that talks to a webcam bar code reader. If only so J and I can both have lists of what we already have (or have read) when we go to the bookstore.