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Is there any way to make the logistics of camping not suck?

As I write this the tent parts are drying in the sun, and I'm drinking iced coffee with extra milk. The other night was C's school's fall campout. I'm not complaining that much about how bleeping cold it was (30s and windy) but about just how much stuff we packed and unpacked for 12 hours of being a few miles away from home.

Four sleeping bags, all of which had to be unrolled for use, rerolled for sotwage. Four mats ditto. C's tent/fly/groundcloth/pegs. The tent/fly/pegs for the rest of us. Flashlights for all. Extra clothes. pillows. folding chairs. C's stuffed dog. B's stuffed monkey. Toothbrushes and like paraphernalia. The car was pretty much full to the gills. And that's before the potluck stuff.

So should I just get used to the notion that there's so much stuff for even the shortest camping trip? I'm not sure offhand what I would cut out. How do other people do this kind of thing?
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