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Music for a kid to fall asleep by?

If C could just lie quietly in his bed until he falls asleep, that would be fine. But he wants to read, he wants to sing and dance, he wants to find out what we're doing, and if a kid is up till 930 or 10 that doesn't bode well for getting up at 645 to catch the bus. (And it doesn't bode well for his parents having any downtime at all unless we want to sleep all day.) When he was little, he used to listen to lullabies, and then later to TMBG's lids' albums, but he's outgrown that, and the stuff he listens to now is more of the rile-you-up kind than the relaxing kind.

So  any suggestions for music of previous centuries that might be good for relaxing to? I like my Bach, but I think that's too scratchy and plinky for him. I don't know if Tallis or something like that would go over, over maybe something completely different in a category I'm not thinking of. Any ideas gratefully accepted.