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For once the carpenter was right

This morning, as it was looking to rain, he allowed as he would have put a tarp on the roof after pulling the metal off it (the metal had to go because the original installation had holes in it, causing flooding of the second and first floors during last spring's big snowstorm).

So tonight J notices water dripping down from the attic access panel into the laundry room, and when I go up the whole damn thing is dripping like a thousand square feet of sieve. Water is dripping off the roofing nails, throught the joints between boards, wherever it damn pleases. I put a bunch of buckets and wastebaskets to catch the biggest leaks and spread some cardboard and 70s carpet from the previous owners to mitigate the rest.

And notice that the carpenter completely lied about the ventilation arrangements he supposedly made with respect to the dormer. Sometimes I think the best thing would be to have a terrible propane-related accident while we and our furniture are out of town.

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