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Slowly and not so surely

I got the main structure of the cabinets in my office up the autumn before C was born;  since then it's been a long slog. Last winter our carpenter-of-all-work assembled the drawers I'd cut out the year before, and a few weeks ago I lacquered the last of them preparatory to installing. (I am proud, yes I am, of the 150# drawer slides.)

But as it turned out, he assembled one of the box joints on the last drawer about 1/16" out of true, so that the drawer didn't fit. If it had been too small, that would have been easy. Today, while C and B were both out of the house (calloo! callay!) I nipped into the shop and clamped a good flat board to the side of the erring drawer, with one end shimmed up about 1/16". Clamped the drawer to my assembly table, got up on a stepladder to reach the top, and routed out a flat patch just the right depth at the back, tapering to nothing at the front. It's as if I still knew how to work with wood a little.

Next big deal will be tuning up the bandsaw and slicing those planks of birdseye I bought for facings way back when....


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Aug. 31st, 2010 05:56 pm (UTC)
Good for you! But isn't it funny how we've reached the point where we look forward to free time during the day so we can work on household projects? We have seen the middle-aged and it is us. *grin*
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