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Slowly and not so surely

I got the main structure of the cabinets in my office up the autumn before C was born;  since then it's been a long slog. Last winter our carpenter-of-all-work assembled the drawers I'd cut out the year before, and a few weeks ago I lacquered the last of them preparatory to installing. (I am proud, yes I am, of the 150# drawer slides.)

But as it turned out, he assembled one of the box joints on the last drawer about 1/16" out of true, so that the drawer didn't fit. If it had been too small, that would have been easy. Today, while C and B were both out of the house (calloo! callay!) I nipped into the shop and clamped a good flat board to the side of the erring drawer, with one end shimmed up about 1/16". Clamped the drawer to my assembly table, got up on a stepladder to reach the top, and routed out a flat patch just the right depth at the back, tapering to nothing at the front. It's as if I still knew how to work with wood a little.

Next big deal will be tuning up the bandsaw and slicing those planks of birdseye I bought for facings way back when....
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