flarenut (flarenut) wrote,

Accidental Marcos Syndrome

I didn't mean to have this many shoes, really I didn't. But somehow I do. Part of it I blame on living in a state where Mud is an officially-recognized season.
Inside crocs
Outside crocs
bogs (waterproof low-cut)
bean boots (waterproof, uninsulated)
insulated boots
water shoes
light trail shoes
heavyish trail shoes (old)
brown formal shoes
black formal shoes
walking sneakers
lawn-mowing/painting sneakers (old walking sneakers)
running/elliptical shoes
ancient running shoes (from 15 years and 50 pounds ago)
mephistos first pair
mephistos second pair (for when the first pair is out for resoling)

One the one hand 17 pairs of shoes seems like way too damn many. On the other, on any given day I will find myself needing two or three of them, and  in any given year maybe 10. And it's not like shoes are something a lot of people would want secondhand. Has anyone else found themselves wondering something similar?
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