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Birds' nests really work

So the other day was kinda rainy and windy with occasional snow, and before I took the kids to daycare I anted to know whether I should bother with a jacket. I checked the outside wireless thermometer, which sits under the tiny balcony outside my office. and it said 72. Repeatedly.

I had a hunch, after I got home I checked, and yes: some birds built a nest on top of it. The top of the thing is may 1x2", so I admire their engineering, but it renders the thermometer pretty useless for the rest of the season. I think it's some kind of titmouse or something else small, brown and crested. When we first moved in, there was a nest on top of the junction box for one of the outside lights, last year there was one on the bottom flange of the I beam that holds up the ceiling of the garage. They seem to like places with close top cover -- as who would not, I guess, in a climate where spring is full of wind and rain.

Next year, I think I might put up some ledges under that same balcony, and some hardware cloth around the sensor. (This is the second one we've had incapacitated by wildlife; the first had airholes that were apparently just the right size for nesting earwigs.)
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