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I am bereft

Of something new and something old. Sometime between when my flight home thursday was supposed to take off from JFK and the almost five hours later when I finally got home I lost my favorite gizmo. It's a nokia n800, and in addition to making my life easier and more enjoyable it's  gotten me three articles in print so far, with another one in the pipeline. I don't think I dropped it in the pesthole that is Delta Terminal 2, where I spent a miserable layover just waiting for my flight to be canceled along with half a dozen or so others, but neither the airline nor the cab driver who drove me home after the much-delayed flight seem to have seen it. I am sad, and just relieved that I never put any crucially private information on it.

Even sadder, while I was away, J seems to have misplaced the kitchen knife of my soul, a high-carbon chinese cleaver with a whisper-thin blade that I got for $5 at the going-out-of-business sale of the old H Roth&Co on 82nd and 1st, 20-odd years ago. It was light, it was sharp, it was perfectly balanced, and I'd spent the past 15 years lovingly figuring out ways to keep the blade's half-inch tang from working its way out of the handle. It is a part of my history.

I always knew it would die sooner or later, so I've been holding onto worn-out blades from my japanese pullsaw -- the only metal I've ever seen with similar qualities -- figuring that I would trace the old blade profile, grind it out with a dremel, and start sharpening. Now I'll have to work from memory.


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Nov. 18th, 2007 07:39 am (UTC)
Re: I am bereft
well, that sucks. i am not attached to many of my material possessions, but a couple of them would really bum me out if i lost them.

of course something misplaced will probably reappear at some point. probably right after you made yourself a new one.

the japanese make some fine high-carbon steel. i occasionally drool over japanese knives but oy, expensive. hm. maybe i should take a closer look at my dozuki blades as well.
Nov. 19th, 2007 02:20 am (UTC)
Re: I am bereft
I am pretty attached to many of my material possessions, for longwinded reasons. I pains me to get rid of books, and I can tell you the provenance of pretty much every piece of lumber in my shop, including the few remaining pieces of 1x8 from the bookshelves I rebuilt from room to room in college almost 30 years ago.

Most of the high-carbon steel in kitchen knives is either too thick or too brittle for my taste. For some reason this knife, which was in many ways a piece of crap, just came out right. I was also pretty good about following Norman Fell's advice (he used to teach Knife Skills at what was then known as Peter Kump's cooking school, now some schmancy name like the french culinary institute) on how often to steel, namely every damn time you use the knife.
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