flarenut (flarenut) wrote,

I am bereft

Of something new and something old. Sometime between when my flight home thursday was supposed to take off from JFK and the almost five hours later when I finally got home I lost my favorite gizmo. It's a nokia n800, and in addition to making my life easier and more enjoyable it's  gotten me three articles in print so far, with another one in the pipeline. I don't think I dropped it in the pesthole that is Delta Terminal 2, where I spent a miserable layover just waiting for my flight to be canceled along with half a dozen or so others, but neither the airline nor the cab driver who drove me home after the much-delayed flight seem to have seen it. I am sad, and just relieved that I never put any crucially private information on it.

Even sadder, while I was away, J seems to have misplaced the kitchen knife of my soul, a high-carbon chinese cleaver with a whisper-thin blade that I got for $5 at the going-out-of-business sale of the old H Roth&Co on 82nd and 1st, 20-odd years ago. It was light, it was sharp, it was perfectly balanced, and I'd spent the past 15 years lovingly figuring out ways to keep the blade's half-inch tang from working its way out of the handle. It is a part of my history.

I always knew it would die sooner or later, so I've been holding onto worn-out blades from my japanese pullsaw -- the only metal I've ever seen with similar qualities -- figuring that I would trace the old blade profile, grind it out with a dremel, and start sharpening. Now I'll have to work from memory.

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