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C and I made some tonight, based loosely on the old recipe I got from my mother and misread 20+ years ago, and it was good. I think I need to work on what to do with it once it comes out of the water, but the texture was about right, and the flavor was yummy (it's the touch of nutmeg). And of course I love my old spaetzle press...

Oddly, after having helped mix the dough (is it dough or batter?) and squeeze it into the pot, C took a fraction of a bite and then declared he didn't like it. B, meanwhile, wanted nothing else, and put away several helpings. (He delicately tossed the broccoli off his tray, and ignored the meat, except to separate it from the noodles.)

We're still preparing for winter here. Today I moved some more stuff out to the shed, and J and I hoisted the deck table up to the ceiling of the garage (I don't love the rigging, but have a year to figure out how to change it)
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