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Where have all the binkies gone?

The little antiseptic covers are everywhere, accusing us in their emptiness. But this morning we were down to two. (Stripmining the back seat of the car produced another pair, which have been, uh, thoroughly washed.)

I'd laugh, except B is teething. So when he throws a couple of them into the dirt, it's pretty much lamentations until further notice. (C sits in the car next to him, saying things like "He's really very loud and unpleasant" or "Please be quiet. Let me show you.")

Tomorrow I'll be prospecting under the crib and in all the couches, going through the pockets of not-yet-done laundry and enquiring how many we've left at his daycare...

(The little bastid really is quite cute. He's decided he really likes chili with brown rice and chopped veg, so when he sees a bowl he unhinges his jaw and smiles like a maniac while uttering the cries of a juvenile pterodactyl. No, really, it's cute.)
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