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Dragon backstory file

Oh, what a tangled web we weave...

C keeps on asking me to tell him stories about arc the dragon, and I'm starting to lose track. So this is as good a place as any to put the facts.

Arc is the dragon whose flame is small, blue and hot (unlike other dragons whose flames are big and yellow-orange) except when he doesn't eat enough minerals and ironwood. Spot is his dragon-dog pet/co-worker, whose teeth turn white-hot when he chews, so that he mostly has to eat soup. There is also Red, who has no flame, only a very warm red glow.

Thus far, Arc has become famous for running a welding and casting business, with a sideline in rescuing baby dragons from bank vaults (with the help of his sister, who blows regular air on the places where Arc is melting holes. He also has a glass-blowing studio, with apprentice dragons who tend the annealing oven at night in return for instruction during the day. And he and Spot do sheet-metal-on-frame work, always remembering to leave an openable panel when Spot is working inside a closed structure. Red is a baker. Oh, and there's also Johnny Ironwood...

So where do we go from here? Maybe Red could have an older cousin who does smelting, or Arc's sister (gonna need a better name than that) could start a raku kiln business (albeit not clear what that would be good for, since we've already established that dragons, being clumsy with their claws, use mostly metal for plates and vessels). Maybe the regular dragons could worry about air pollution.

If I don't come up with something new every night it's back to the Rabbit with Extra-Sensitive Ears.
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