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Long weekend

Some friends from Seattle visited thursday and friday, and I've been past deadline since thursday noon, so it's been a wearing time. Beloved offspring most of the day, beating my head against OpenOffice most of the night.(I can't tell if it's bug-for-bug compatible with Word, or has a slightly different but mostly overlapping set. The biggest pains in the ass were a) returning the table of contents to a single level on every re-opening of the main file, b) making most but not all tables and table images permanently invisible ditto, requiring repasting from an earlier draft, c) a completely f*cked up method for doing footers, d) crappy import from Word. Those made little things like a few paragraphs that insisted on retaining their own section-number scheme from the file the briefly occupied barely noticeable. I spent more than the entire time budget for the project just on fixing formatting problems.)

So I am happy to report one good thing, which is that rock-stale ciabatta (?) makes a great base for breakfast casserole. Six eggs and milk to soak overnight, then add a quarter pound or so of extra-sharp cabot and a few ounces of diced ham, start in a big buttered skillet on the stove, add some more shredded cabot on top and finish under a distant broiler.

Oh, and in the interstices I read a really bad book from Gutenberg, which can only be properly treated by a TV-Guide style summary:
Two homeless youths are accosted by a bearded eccentric and his speech-impaired servant, who promise to pay them to go on a trip to the North Pole. Unlikely adventures ensue.