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Thank you, tivo

sf dream last night, or early this morning after drugging b. I've had them on and off ever since reading too much cordwainer smith in high school. It's always fun to pick apart where these dreams come from. In this case,  premise from Dr Who and daleks rerererererereredux, cheesy medieval sets from  the embedded stargate commercials, and a few tidbits from a tutorial on rsync (which I am going to set up just as soon as I get my new machine).

I'm almost tempted to write the thing, except I have no idea where it might go and it appears to involve horses. A woman from some kind of S&S timeline is trying to pay 150,000 somethingorothers for the most gorgeous horse she's ever seen (I don't know what the rate of exchange is, but apparently a lined poly/nylon windbreaker with a machine-embroidered logo can arguably fetch 2000 whatevers when haggling with the horsetraders). Someone from a 50s/60s timeline seems to be the voice of reason, and there's a geek who believes that if lots of other people in this timeline can do magic, so can he once he's learned all the words and first principles. Oh, yeah, and a magic sword and a scene in an abandoned stable with a shapeshifting alternate beautiful disembodied head and tantacle predator based on dalek internals arguing with the geek while he/she/it triies desultorily to kill him, because it's zir nature.

The obvious thing would be for them to go on a quest for something, probably for whatever is causing the spillover in the first place and saving the universe, but who the fsck cares...

That the problem with getting motivated to write anything not either a commissioned piece or a blog entry/comment these days -- lots of work, and why bother.

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