flarenut (flarenut) wrote,

Early mornings suck

Ben thought 6 was a good time to wake up and start singing. He also thought midnight was a good time to scream for a bottle. The problem with waking up that early is that the rest of the house is asleep and there aren't a whole lot of silent things you can do with a baby. Ok, that's one of the problems.

I've been on deadline for a technical-writing project, and have learned way more than I wanted about Microsoft Word, or rather the Open Office bastardization of its functions. (And not open office either, but neooffice, which is the molasses java version of it, because I still have a G4 machine and you can't get real openoffice for it...) Bad things happen when you assemble a large document from sections written by different people each with slightly different notions of style and formatting.

But Ben is asleep for the nonce, I'm snacking on a bowl of Cabot Greek Style yogurt (milk and cream), and sleep is not too far off. And tomorrow there is more coffee. When I was in college, I drank tea, saying that I was saving coffee-drinking until I really needed it. That would be now.


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