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At least he's not burning down his bed

So I walk down the hall to my office a few minutes ago, and there's C lying on the floor in his doorway, with blanket and pajamas, reading a book. His nominal bedtime is 7-something, and the light goes out in his room after I read with him for a couple chapters of something, so this is his solution to obeying the lights-out rule and still spending a couple hours awake after bedtime every night.

I'd like to bring out the cattle prod (we had one when I was a kid; it was for the dog, and didn't work on him either), but I can remember my own youthful self lying in bed pondering the mysteries of the universe (like why I would choke if I ate english muffins in bed) or making up stories in which I was usually some kind of spy, or imagining pictures on the ceiling and calling it television. (We didn't have a set till I was in 2nd or third grade, so what did I know, except for the name?) And I can't really disapprove of him reading, of all the things he might do.

Mostly, as long as he's not bothering anyone else it's not a big deal. But perhaps that's where my resentment ultimately comes from: on any given night when B has been up at midnight, 230 and 5, I would like nothing more than to collapse into bed after C has had his bath and gotten his pj's on. But I'm damned if I can go to bed while my four-year-old is still up and chipper.



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Apr. 6th, 2009 01:28 am (UTC)
I say either go to bed or pull out a book and join him on the floor.
Apr. 7th, 2009 10:54 pm (UTC)
I think all children need some sort of port where we can withdraw some of their energy for our use. They have way more of it than we do, and It's Just Not Fair!

Can you say to him what you've written here, that you are really tired but you can't go to bed until he does, so would he please go to bed now?
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