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How long have lumberyards been cheating this blatantly?

Last weekend I went to Home Despot with C to get some 1x12 for the bookshelf we're building him. We picked up a pile of boards marked "1x12x4'", but yesterday I finally got around to measuring them. One is actually 4 feet long; the rest are between 47-1/2 and 47-3/4, depending on which side of the nonsquare cuts you measure. This isn't just kerf, it's enough to make HD about a nickel a board on their volume of precut lumber, and more like a few bucks a board by forcing people to buy the next size up. The last time I was buying dimensioned lumber in quantity, the rule was that you got at least the length you paid for, not at most.  Caveat emptor, I know, but I've got half a mind to drop al ine to the local consumer fraud people for mismarking.

So yesterday C and I went to the local lumberyard to get a piece of trim molding for the bookcase, just to make it look pretty (ha!). Eight feet of chair rail that I'll trim one side from. When we got it home, not that we actually need all eight feet, I measured it: 95-3/4.
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