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Nails are not strong in tension

So I hit the garage-door opener button to see if I needed to shovel before driving the jeep out, and the beam that the chain rides along pulled out of the wall and fell down. There's something sriously wrong with this picture, because the joint between wall and beam shouldn't have any force on it, except for the weight of the beam, which a few nails can hold up just fine. That why we put it up that way lo those years ago.

Except. It turns out that the rails from the ceiling to the garage door opener were maybe an inch off plumb, which means that there might have been as much as two or three pounds pulling on those nails. That, plus the vibration of the opener, plus the vertical loads when the door is almost closed, was apparently enough over the course of a few years.

So I cut off the nails (thank you, fencing tool), zapped in 8 or 10 long screws with the baby impact driver, and away we went. It would have been sort of embarrassing to call daycare and say we couldn't pick C up because the garage door was jammed...
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