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Six months

We took B for his checkup this morning. He has gotten long, and a little less chubby (tips the scale at just under 20 pounds), and his eyes and ears look fine. Then he got stabbed all to hell (4 shots) and another course of rotavirus vaccine poured down his tiny little throat. Poor kid.

He's pretty fun these days -- makes noises, does his best to spit out mashed peas, laughs, grabs. Doesn't really like being put down, which might be why he doesn't roll over yet (he can do front to back, but not intentionally). Stares at Skillet as if he held the secrets of the universe. Skillet has consented to let himself be touched a few times. Skillet still outweighs him, but it's getting close

If this were C I would have reams and reams of additional information, but B is just a normal baby. Or rather, our expectations of him are more normal.
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