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What a world

C learned about Martin Luther King at daycare last week. He learned that "Martin Luther King taught people that you should treat everybody the same no matter what color their skin is." He was a little confused by this, so we had to explain to him that there used to be people who thought it was OK to treat someone differently if their skin was a different color. How strange! Now he's watch King clips on YouTube.

Probably next year we're going to have to explain to him that someone whose skin was a different color from King's decided it would be a good idea to shoot King and kill him so that he wouldn't be able to talk any more about treating people the same. In the past few months I've come to understand a little more of the motivations of people who want to take books out of schools and children's libraries, so that their kids won't be exposed to things they consider abominable. I'm sure the things they want to censor are pretty much the only ones I don't, but I can empathize just a little.

And while I'm agonizing about C's tender sensibilities, there are people killing kids his age, killing their parents in front of them, to teach someone else -- it's not clear who -- some kind of lesson about how you should treat people depending on which house of worship they attend.