flarenut (flarenut) wrote,

In our freezer

Once a year or so I make a list so that we never have to think "gosh, that would have been really useful two years ago". The challenge, as always, is to use stuff up without generating an even larger volume of frozen leftovers.


1 Spinach rice casserole split pea soup cocnut milk? goose fat

2 turkey stock 3 qt almonds

3 B&J coffee ice cream bagels minbagels smothered pork chops starbucks decaf

4 turkey stock wheat


Top cheese souffles cheesebread revolution flatbread onion puree crisp topping turkey hash 2.5 boudin blanc toulouse sausage meguez 2 andouille chicken thigh pairs 7 lean cuisine 2 asparagus 2 pork gyoza broccoli cuts boneless pork chops chocolate glaze tilapia 7

II Bacon tomato rolls lasagna 2 tater tots yellowcake 0.5 cuccidati? melon juice frozen ribs 2 portions walnuts dirty rice pork butt boston 3.4# loin end chops 1.6# maple cured ham steaks 1# roasted unsalted cashews pork shoulder 2.6# pulled pork (old) nonpareils

III Tilapia bag yellow pepper diced boneless chops chicken breasts costco smothered pork chops ground pork 1# pecans various 7 leg quarters pair rice pudding beef barley mushroom bacon lamb shoulder chops old steak 1.2#

Bottom rice pudding pot roast 3 shoeboxes taco filling andouille chorizo mac&cheese lentil soup beef barley mushroom fresh ham 3.9# spiral apples 3 pkg stuffed half peppers and zucchini bacon solid 1# split pea soup tamarack patty 1#

What's in your freezer?

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