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It may not take all kinds, but we got 'em

This morning the local building supply place delivered some wood for the A-frames and a bunch of insulation for the attic, and the kid who was driving the truck asked if the jeep usually had a pool of fluid under it. I said, well, yeah, and he went off into a riff about how his girlfriend has just totalled her car, and the police had refused to let him take it back to his garage to start rebuilding (frame is OK, ever single body panel is toast) because they thought it was leaking transmission fluid, which requires special disposal. He knew it was just leaking brake fluid, which is apparently OK, but it cost a week at the impound lot before they admitted he was right.

Then he went on about the '91 or 92 Honda Accord street-racing model that he's been rebuilding for the past couple years after some idiot kid blew the engine and the transmission, and how hard it is to get parts for them because only 1500 made it to the US, and Honda recalled all the domestic ones and scrapped them, along with most of the specialized parts. And on about the custom-car job he turned down because the people who ran the shop kept selling cars to kids who at best blew the engines and at worst killed themselves and others, and about the kid down the block from us whom he caught late one night doing 60 mph down main street (whose straight section is about half a mile long at best), and the dangers of street racing.

Vermont is about as bad a place for street as you could ask -- there just aren't a lot of straight, flat stretches of road period, and if you add accessible and mostly untrafficked to that, forget it. He and some of the other hot-car freaks have been trying to get one of the local towns to open up a disused airstrip one night a month, just to give people a safe, legal place to go. (Althought he admits it's never been the same since you started having to modify your engine timing with a laptop...)

We talked a little about computers, and I gave him some advice for using Knoppix to get the data off his permanently-wedge Vista box before he nukes the disk and starts over. Not the conversation I would have thought.

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