flarenut (flarenut) wrote,

Things to do

Saw J and C and B off to visit J's mother and grandmother before dawn this morning. I'm both a loose ends missing them and have quite a lot to do. Catch up on projects, build A-frames, build a shelter for the grill, continue cleaning out the garage, caulk all the windows, look for a satellite antenna for J, catch up on paperwork, get some exercise, get the yard and deck stuff prepped for winter (I installed what I imagine to be an ingenious set of eyebolts and cord on the garage ceiling to take up the new deck table after the old one had its legs snapped by snow and ice).

Today I was in shape for none of that, so I limited myself to installing another hook in the garage, hanging C's trike up in the basement, installing a new key rack (the fancy keys for the prius claim their batteries will die if they're hung up within 1 meter of a wall wart), staging the trash to take up to the street in the morning, cooking and eating a big bowl of oatmeal and apples and a huge plank of fish, and catching up on three weeks of Mythbusters and Stargate Atlantis. Tomorrow I order wood for the A-frames and make an appointment for snow tires. Whee.

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