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My morning

4:16 B wakes, mewls for food. Warm bottle, feed, burp, feed, changer diaper, burp, feed, rock.
4:47 B is asleep, and I should be too.
5:50 B starts crying, quiets briefly with pacifier.
5:55 Ditto
6:00 Ditto. I give up and lie down with him on the big foam cushion in his room,
where he mostly calms down except when I stop rocking him or he spits out his
6:05 C wakes, starts talking and singing.
6:05-700 Continue cuddling with B.
7:00 Warm bottle for B; change diaper, feed, burp, feed, burp. Bring downstairs.
7:25 Fix breakfast for C; admonish him that it's time to stop reading and get his clothes on.
7:35 Admonish C again; threaten reprisals. Ignore shouts of "I never want you to say that again
in your whole life!"
8:00 Share pleasant breakfast conversation with C; see him off to daycare
8:30-9:00 Sing to B, rock him, feed him a little more, sling him into bed.
9:01 Start collecting trash and recycling for today's pickup.
9:02 Wash hands, replace pacifier in B's mouth, pat him till he stops grizzling.
9:05 See 9:01
9:10 See 9:02
9:25-10:00 Take garbage and recycling up to the street. Bring up 4th load of corrugated
just as garbage truck is about to pull away. (Our house is far enough from the street,
and there are enough loads of recycling that a typical garbage morning these days
involves walking somewhere between half a mile and a mile.)
10:05 See 9:02
10:10 Shower
10:25 See 10:05, only in a towel with shaving cream all over my face
10:35 Dress
10:45 You know the drill
11:00 repair to office
11:30 Uh-huh
11:40 Right again
11:45 Prep bottle; B promptly sinks into profound sleep.
12:20 Wake B; change diaper, feed, burp, feed, listen to the ritual filling of pants.

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