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The alarm was not so exciting

So this morning storytime was at the firehouse. C was thrilled. "The firehouse is different from our house! They have the kitchen on the second floor!" The kids learned "Stop, drop and roll" to the tune of "Three Blind Mice" and watched the chief slide down the fire pole. Then they got to watch one of the firefighters put on his gear, including the air tank and mask. (Interesting side note: the tanks have a motion sensor on them that sets off a loud alarm if you don't move for some preset time.)

And then, just as the kids were touring the ambulance, a call came in and everybody put on their gear and the pumper and ladder trucks raced out of the station. What more could you ask? (Other interesting side note: the truck exhausts are connected to vent hoses that have quick-disconnect fittings set to drop off as the exhaust pipe gets past the garage door.)