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Not even worth what I paid for it

I am a sucker for free books to read on my n810, mostly mysteries and sf, mostly Gutenberg, but sometimes free (as in beer) stuff from elsewhere. Which goes a little way toward explaining why I am feeling so dirty right now.

I am just finishing something called Freehold, perhaps the oozingest pile of pseudolibertarian warporn that's ever passed in front of my eyes. At first I kept reading because it was funny how thoroughly cartoonish the whole thing was, then because I could not look away (and because when you're rocking a baby to sleep, reading something good doesn't make sense either). But ewww. Name a stupid Heinlein fanboy trope, from endless great sex with beautiful willing partners to a politely armed society to the persnickety bureaucrat with the soul of a jackbooted thug and it's there. In spades, doubled and redoubled.

Sorry to bother you with all this; please go back to your regularly scheduled knitting or otherwise, and I will go back to Gutenberg.

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