December 15th, 2008

I was a thrill-seeker in 1971

Also an experience-seeker. After getting over how incredibly dated the questionnaire was, I was also struck by the fact that many of the alternatives didn't seem mutually exclusive to me. In many cases I didn't want to check either of them, but apparently them, but that wasn't an option either. I wonder if that's another sign of the cultural gulf separating the me of today from an establishment psychology professor of the late 60s, or just a sign of the limited imagination required to create survey instruments.

It's scary, of course, to think of anyone using this in modern practice without severe updating and rescaling.

Making a virtue of necessity

Tonight for dinner we took some pork chops from on of the local farms out of the freezer. Gosh. It occurred to me what the pig factories' "The Other White Meat" campaign really meant: "We have bred, fed and processed every last bit of taste and texture out of our product, so that you can eat it without ever imagining that it came from an animal." All that work and all that pollution to produce animal-based tofu.