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Why am I not asleep?

B is gassy. Perfectly normal for a baby, but sometimes it really sucks. Like last night, when I had the early shift, and instead of waking at 2 to eat, he woke at 1117 (I got 45 whole minutes of sleep) and writhed in my arms -- occasionally screaming in my ear -- until 2, when he fell asleep on my chest for half an hour. Then he drank like a fish and belched like a sailor and conked right off. I got to sleep around 330, woke about 7 to start getting C off to daycare.

Oh, and we usually alternate shifts, so I had late the night before, which started about 545. If I knew and acted on what's good for me, I'd be in bed by now. But instead I just had a snack of apple and sourdough flat thingy pan-cooked in lots of olive oil. I'm thinking I might let the sourdough on the counter run for a while, until something goes wrong. I like the idea of freshly-cooked bread product.
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