flarenut (flarenut) wrote,

Almost like a person

This morning C and I went the local diner for breakfast before going to his kindermusic class (froufrou, but he loves it). On the way back from class, he suddenly pops up, «Oops, I wonder if I left my water bottle at coffee corner.»

He did, and they put it on a shelf, and all was well.

Meanwhile, I am much happier since we got the jeep back from the shop. And the driveway repaving finished, so I can drive it into the garage. And found my swiss army knife, without which my pocket is naked. Things were so bad I was ready to start carrying my leatherman, except I couldn't find that either (but this evening I did, so all's right with the world except B won't sleep for love nor bottle. Albeit when he does it can be 3 or 4 hours at a shot, so if I know what's good for me I'll turn in now.)

Tags: routine, tlb

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