flarenut (flarenut) wrote,

I love Tivo

Since B arrived we've been watching a lot more regular tv. Burping, changing diapers, joggling B to sleep and so forth don't really go along with watching something we care enough to record.

And regular tv means commercials. Which suck, even on mute. But every now and then I get to amuse myself by reading some of the fine print that usually goes by too fast to see just how badly an advertiser is taking its customers.

For example:

«The APR for a typical loan of $2,600 is 99.25% with 42 monthly payments of $216.55 and an origination fee of $75.»

That means by the end of the loan term a customer has paid almost four times the original amount. With a conscionable interest rate the same loan would be paid off in less than a year and a half. Either this company loans money to a whole lot of deadbeats, or someone is making a huge profit off people who don't care about the fine print.

Tags: commercials, scams, television

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