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I think the jeep's electrical system is in trouble. A few times in the past week it wouldn't start -- not in the coughing, anemic usual not-starting way, but in a creepy demon-possessed way. When I turned the key, all the needles on the dashboard rose slowly to their top pins and stayed there, then wen back down when I took the key out. Pressing the brake pedal either did something or didn't, and after a few tries the thing started fine, except that the CD player had reset itself to factory defaults. Today, when I went to pick C up from daycare, it did it again, with the added filip of idling about 1200 rpm faster than it usually does. As we we driving home, the dashboard did a little crazy dance, with all the pins wandering up and down and the idiot lights coming on, and then it settled back down.

Until we got home, and then when I went to unlock the passenger doors nothing happened. Putting the key in the ignition fixed that, but all the interior lights were at about half power. So I figure maybe something is shorting the car-off power circuits, or maybe after 110,000 miles it's just possessed. When the engine is running, voltage indicates normal, and when it's responding to the ignition at all, it starts as always. So it could be a dead battery, but I doubt it. Whee.
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