flarenut (flarenut) wrote,

Snow Peas

We had those for dinner tonight, along with rice and boiled pork chops (the grill does not light, and I suspect something in the manifold). C played our usual game of crunching the peapods and calling out the names of the neighbors he was waking up with the terrible racket. After going through his usual list of Miss Sandy, Mister Pete, Miss Sue, Miss Sharon... he announced that the next snow pea was going to wake up "my friend Elissa. And now that she is awake she can cook her dinner. And now I am going to wake up my friend Piglet." He asked for another serving of snow peas so that he could wake up Allison and Cash and Julia (who is allegedly magic) and Mark. We went through the whole list until we got to Spencer: "He is already awake."

I am so glad all of yez liked him; sometimes in the day-to-day of getting him washed, dressed, fed, slept and so forth I forget how cute C is.
Tags: bon, tlb

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