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I would like to say that I HATE HATE HATE assembling things that have to be fitted along multiple axes simultaneously. Like the frame for C's new bed, where the brackets that hold the frame can't be cranked down to the head and footboards until the frame is attached, because there are these little stabilizing bosses that stick out. But of course once you get the frame on the brackets there's no room to tighten one of the lag bolts. So if it falls apart someday (and not at one of my wishful glue joints) you heard it here first.

C was of course so excited to be moving into his big-boy room that he didn't go to sleep for two hours after bedtime.He wasn't even shouting or kicking or all the other things he does when he doesn't want to rest, just lying or sitting quietly with his eyes open, taking in his new surroundings.I

He even helped a little assembling the bed, which meant a few turns with the socket wrench and helping to lift the last corner of the frame into temporary position. And then when we got the mattress on he spent half an hour doing nothing but showing us how he could get in and out of bed all by himself...

Luckily, he did not help with the bedrails, which were one of the most annoying construction experiences I've had in a while -- lots more two-incompatible-axis fitting, safety straps that seem intended to fail, support rails that leave serious lumps in the mattress, blah blah blah.

But now it's over, and just in time too. Maybe tomorrow I will install the closet doors and shelves, preferably not in that order. Oh, and anyone want an old ratchet wrench that would still be wonderful if only it didn't ratchet freely in both directions much of the time?
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