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I am so old, part CMXVII

We've been on a history kick with C lately, because stories of the time before telephones are way less boring to tell and retell than stories of when his older brother the cat was a tiny kitten ("soooo small he could fit in the palm of my hand..."), and because why not. So in the time before telephones people who wanted to talk to each other had to go in person or write a letter, and people who wanted to take a bath had to heat the water in the kitchen and carry it to the bathtub, and people who wanted to wash their clothes so on and so forth.

Tonight after his bath he was asking what people did in olden times when they wanted some music to go to sleep by, and I started out "In the time before telephones, when people wanted music when they were going to sleep..." and he stopped me.

"No dad, not in the time before telephones. What did they do in the time before CD players?"

And I guess he only says that because of how effing behind the times we are in his bedroom. He is not even 4 and we are raising him to be a luddite.