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We spent last week at a "family resort" near the canadian border that had two extraordinary things going for it:

1) 8 daily hours of children's programs included (boating, fishing, pony rides, crafts, bubble machine...) with timing such that J and I could eat both lunch and dinner a deux or with all our newfound friends

2) no phone, tv or internet (with the exception of some wavery wifi in parts of the main building).

So on wednesday I got anxious email from a friend asking why I hadn't responded to the 100-odd pages of attachment she'd sent without warning on saturday. I sent a very short reply saying I didn't have a working connection this week, and darned if thursday morning there wasn't a precis of the attachment plus a disquisition on why I had to read the whole thing and respond RIGHT NOW. And what's worse, I even felt the tiniest bit guilty about ignoring the whole thing till we got home.

Then on friday night one of the misfits we ate most of our meals with told a story about his aged parents (who live, along with the rest of the clan, in a neighboring town). He and his spouse had spent week getting unlagged from an overseas trip, and called to check in. No answer. Next two days, still no answers. So he called a brother and sister, also no answer. He grew a mite concerned. Sometime the following week, his mother called back and said, oh yes, they (and the brother and sister, and the other siblings, and their spouse and children and children's significant others) had all gone off to the local barrier island for a couple weeks, but they hadn't bothered inviting him or even telling him because they knew he'd be busy with his trip.

So by comparison I am a dedicated correspondent.
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