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Long weekend

I am getting too old for this. Oops.

C has been almost uniformly delightful. Saturday we took him to the farmers market and out to lunch and to the playground and baked sourdough. Sunday we went to the food co-op and then had a picnic lunch on the statehouse lawn and then went to some of the statewide open artists' studio stuff (an artist we really love is doing some really neat new stuff, but unfortunately on a scale we can't think about affording). C was rapt during most of a glassblowing demonstration. Then we came how and did yardwork (which for me means pulling a few thousands dandelions).

Monday we went to played outside, then went to the mall, out to lunch and to some box stores. J dropped me and C off at the garden center and he ran up and down their demo play structures while she did some shopping we actually needed (I wore through the bottom sheet on my side of the bed). Today was another no-daycare day, so J and C went to the library in the morning while I messed around with cutting wood and tweaking the router (and discover that the other guy using the shop had left the tablesaw a foot deep in internal dust) and then I took over while she went to a bunch of doctors' appointments. C and I made some more bread, from a mix this time, and played outside a little, and I tried to get him to rest...

By the end of dinnertime we were all kinda heartily tired of one another's company, and C took forever to get to sleep -- he doesn't get upset, just lies in bed and talks at the top of his substandard little lungs about whatever comes to mind.

I know, I'm just whining, but that's pretty much all I have the energy for.

Tommorrow I get to actually cut slots in stuff and maybe dry-fit the bedframe and go through more crud for the local yard sale. Whee.



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May. 28th, 2008 04:46 pm (UTC)
by the way...lying in bed and talking out loud is a very common way that children practice/learn their language. That's when they commonly rehearse the grammar and pronunciations that they're hearing.
May. 29th, 2008 01:14 am (UTC)
So if we hear him shouting "Shut up you effing little so-and-so" that just means he's practicing his pronunciation?

He can sing most of "The Train" by heart now...
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