flarenut (flarenut) wrote,

The boy who knew too much

When C first learned to talk, J and I used euphemisms and complex circumlocutions to say stuff we didn't want him to understand. As a result of which he now splutters when taking a drink of water and says,  "Tarnation, that went down my trachea instead of my esophagus." So we moved on to spelling things. But that trick is also getting thin. Tonight during dinner we were talking about something that had befallen his b-l-a-n-k-e-t at daycare, and he said, "bl-, bl-, bl-, what are you talking about, mom and dad?"

I guess J is going to have to bone up on her german, or I on my french; he only knows how to count to 10 in those.

It's sort of weird to see C getting to the age from which my oldest memories date. I wonder what things from this time he might remember -- or remember remembering -- from this time.  I wonder if he'll remember his grandfather.
Tags: tlb, wordplay

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