flarenut (flarenut) wrote,

Bad Bob

The other week we got C a Bob The Builder video because, y'know, he's a boy, and even if he weren't, in our house he would know the difference between a bulldozer and a backhoe and a front-end loader. (Someday, I hope to surprise J with a Bobcat, if only we had any real use for it.)

We didn't think the thing would be nearly that pernicious. There's the part where all the machines do their little dances, introduced by licensed-merchandise cutesy name rather than what they actually are. Then there's the crap content of the actual video (building a road) where you don't see a lot of actual road-building because that's apparently not as interesting as more animated squirrels and the numbering of steps.

But the most insidious part of it was the theme song. You and I may remember it as having the stupid taglines of "Can we fix it?" and "Yes we can!" but the part that C latched onto was "Every Day!". And now when he asks for a video that's the one he asks for, and when we tell him that he can watch it some other time he chants "Every Day!" in tones of increasing desperation.

Maybe some day this will be the beginning of his understanding that you can't believe everything people tell you on TV.
Tags: marketing, television, tlb

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