flarenut (flarenut) wrote,

Dear God TV sucked so badly

Our long domestic nightmare is over. Monday before last, a crew of (very nice) yahoos started demolishing the ceiling and south wall of our family room, ripping out the sheetrock and old mouse-raddled, fungus-ridden insulation. They took it down to the bare sheathing and rafters and sprayed mold-killer on the who thing before stuffing in new batts twice as thick as the old ones, spraying foam in the various crannies that had been entirely uninsulated before. Then new sheetrock (without that goddam 70s popcorn on it) and a nice new paint job. Mostly courtesy of the insurance company, which finally got around to coughing up for last spring's roof leaks.

But our tivo was in the den. So we were reduced to watching the little tv in the guestroom that doesn't even get the digital cable channels. I had forgotten how horrible it was. There was nothing on, and when there was something on, it had commercials. But commercials aren't long enough to do anything but go to the bathroom. Forget about fixing dinner, or even tossing some cheese and bread in the toaster oven. And lots of the things I wnated to watch didn't start until 9 or 10, and didn't end til 11 or after, which is not acceptable when a certain loud-voiced someone likes to wak up at 7. It was just horrible. And I am so glad the work is done and we have our den back.

Yeah, I know, I'm a spoiled whiner. And the upside is I got to read a lot of books.

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