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May we please never do that again

So J was going to take C down to see relatives in Louisiana this week so that they would be out of the way of the four or five guys who are gutting the den (water damage to sheetrock and insulation from a leaky roof), re-insulating and putting up new walls and ceiling. First, it turned out there weren't any flights on sunday except for one that left at 6AM with three legs and cost almost as much as a decent used car. And no available flights on monday at all. But that was OK, we figured, because C would be in daycare monday and we could both get work and packing done while the demolition got underway.

But no, Monday was "in-service" day with staff meetings and suchlike. So in the morning I took C to the food co-op, the worst mall in the world, and the library. And in the afternoon J took him to get a baby present for a cousin whose girlfriend of six months or so is due this spring. Lunch and dinner both out, because of the demolition, and, oh, yeah, the propane delivery truck was supposed to come on thursday, but it didn't. (Update: it finally came yesterday morning, and put 93 gallons in to the nominal 100-gallon tank. Uh.)

So Tuesday I took Charlie to the gym as usual, where he ran and jumped and pulled a wagon and tried to chat up a five-year-old girl, and then we headed off to the airport. I dropped J and C off, drove back home, rested for half an hour and was about to start work on an article when the phone rang. Apparently Atlanta was socked in, and no flights heading there were being allowed to take off. But flights, including the connecting flight to Louisiana, were being allowed to take off...

So I drove back to the airport and waited with C while J wrangled the airline to get their luggage (crucial item: car seat) back off the indefinitely-delayed plane and rebook. We watched Youtube videos of how crayons and bacon and tennis balls are made until C fell asleep nestled against my arm. After an hour or so, back home, with C repeating sadly every now and again, "I really wanted to go on the plane".
Dinner at which C ate almost nothing. Temperature check, tylenol, early bed. (For us too: did I mention that the tivo is  under a bunch of drop cloths in the den?)

C up a little before 6 this morning, temp 101, more tylenol, cheerful. Workers there and demolishing by about 730. Weather report: wintry mix, which means freezing rain layered over granular ice layered over snow. The state police web site listed all the roads in the state as "Difficult", with the added detail of "icy glaze, ice patches, snow on roadway". (And in a state like this, when they say driving is difficult, they're already assuming that you have snow tires and know how to drive on ice.)

Turned out not to be that bad. We had a lunch of absolutely horrific mexican food in the box-store district down the road from the airport (the chile tasted a little of weak carolina barbecue, the taco of chinese sweet-roasted pork, and the nachos and salsa of pretty much nothing at all). Then check-in, security (where on the bad side C tried to melt down because he couldn't carry his own boarding pass, and on the good side the young woman from the TSA recognized him from the travails of the day before), and finally plane taking off only 15 minutes late. I got home, avoided crashing into the scaffolding parts littering the garage floor, and have been trying to get motivated ever since. J and C have a carryon full of toys and trail mix, four hours layover in Atlanta, and an ETA at her grandmother's sometime after 10. Oy.
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